Episode 001 - Doug Ashby

Welcome to the first episode of The Artist Connection Podcast! Hear Doug talk about how Tavern Tan started, what he appreciates most about his bandmates, and how their individual styles come together when writing songs. Doug also talks about his influences, his early recordings, and gives us a rare glimpse into the backstory that inspired some of his songs.  He also spent a long cold winter in the Great White North, and he tells us all about it. Doug is an incredible songwriter, and you can really feel the emotion in his songs. He has inspired me as a performer, and always has a positive attitude.  He is one of the artists that I couldn't wait to interview as I was planning this podcast.  This first show is just over an hour, but I could have spent so much more time with him.  He has amazing stories, and is willing to share his musical knowledge. I hope to have him back very soon.  If you see Doug, let him know that you heard him on my show!


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