George is a very busy man.  He is a musician, podcaster, author, public speaker, and world traveler.  We sat down recently and talked through his earliest musical memories, his influences, and his views on many different topics.  We each shared the moment where we began to question established thoughts and beliefs, and how that shaped us. George means many things to many people.  I shared some examples of his songs that have impacted my life. The most notable of which is "Speak to You". It gave me much needed clarity at a time when I was looking for ways to deal with the loss of my grandmother. It was an honor that he took the time to meet with me so I can get to know more about him.  Our interview lasted over an hour, and I enjoyed every minute of it. He is the kind of person that really makes you think.  I learned a lot that day, and I hope you do, too.

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