Episode 016 - Geri X

I had a recent phone interview with singer/songwriter Geri X. We talked about what motivates her, and how she puts everything she has into her music. She tours constantly, but is always happy to come home to Florida. She loves the local music scene and is proud to be a part of it. She was born in Bulgaria, but has lived in the United States for a number of years.  An upcoming European tour is taking her back there, and she told me how she is feeling about that. Geri also talked about her favorite Babicz guitar.  It sounds amazing, and she appreciates the personal attention that she receives from the company. Please visit her online at http://gerixmusic.com/. She has a very strong online presence so it is easy to stay up to date with all of her music and tour dates.  Check her out and tell her Matt sent you!

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