Episode 031 - Michael Williams

I recently saw a performance of The Michael Williams Band here in Allentown, PA. They were supporting Buddy Guy. It was an incredible experience! I was blown away, and I knew that I needed to have Michael on my show. I got my wish a week later. Michael had a couple of days off, and was nice enough to share some of his time with me. We talked about touring with Buddy Guy and how much he enjoys the audiences on the east coast. We also talked about his latest album called "Fire Red". I have a copy, and I appreciate how well his guitar tone in the studio matches his live performance. The album was produced by none other than Eddie Kramer. Michael is such a genuine musician and truly cares about his fans. He is out at the merch table every night to give his audience the chance to meet him and get an autograph. We also talked about his father, the late great Junior Medlow. Michael is certainly carrying on his father's legacy through his own music. You can find out more about Michael at http://michaelwilliamsband.com/. He is still out on the road, so if you have a chance to see one of his electrifying performances, take it!  Enjoy the interview!

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