Episode 082 - The Narrows

The Narrows are an amazing three piece band from Manchester. I called over to the UK to speak with Phil Drinkwater (vocals, keys), Dave Battle (guitars, backing vocals, keys), and Adam Hynes (guitars, backing vocals, keys, production). Listeners of my show may remember Adam from Episode 024. I was excited to catch up with Adam and meet the rest of the band. They are about to release their "The Eve of Invasion" album on 6/4/12. I heard it, and it is a fantastic collection of songs. I have all of their previous singles and EPs, and they have outdone themselves with this one. It is being released on Cognitive Dissonance Records, and will be available in limited edition vinyl, a deluxe cd set, and download. You can learn more at http://www.thenarrows.co.uk/. The band was nice enough to allow me to include a new song from the album called "There are Ghosts in These Machines", as well as an earlier track from their "Through Constant Decay" EP called "Noir". Enjoy!

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