Episode 085 - T Dawn

T Dawn is a singer/songwriter, radio personality, and tireless promoter of all types of music. I had the pleasure of talking to her about her life, career, and inspirations. She was very generous with her time, and I learned so much about her. She has a very strong internet presence, and we discussed the impact of social media on the music business. We also talked about her fans which she calls "Starlights". T Dawn has such a strong passion for music and is dedicated to her friends and family. She was nice enough to allow me to include two of her songs with this episode. You will hear "Controlled by Vanity" before the interview, and "Highest Light" right after it. She is currently in the studio, and I am looking forward to her new songs. You can learn more about her at www.tdawn.com. She is an extremely positive person, and she is welcome back anytime. Enjoy!

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