Episode 130 - The Mighty Mojo Prophets

My guests on this episode are Tom "Big Son" Eliff (vocals) and Mitch "Da Switch" Dow (guitars) from The Mighty Mojo Prophets. This is the place to start if you are looking for a great example of what is happening in the California blues scene. The band just released a new album on Delta Groove called "Flyin' Home from Memphis". Listeners of this show know that I feature many Delta Groove artists, and they are always impressive. This band is no exception. Tom and Mitch are masters at their craft. We had a lot of fun during our conversation. The chemistry that they share is obvious, and it was nice of them to let me in to share it. Two songs from the new album are featured here. Please pick up the whole thing after you listen to the show. Learn more about them on Facebook and http://deltagrooveproductions.com/releases/flyinhomefrommemphis/main.html. If you reach out to the guys, please tell them that you heard them here first. Enjoy!

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