Episode 143 - LAW

My good friend L*A*W returns to the show for his 3rd appearance!!! I am honored to have him back on. He is an amazing entertainer that does it all...sings, dances, raps, plays guitar...the list goes on and on. What I appreciate most, though, is his fearless approach to sharing his opinion. He has the skills and experience to back up what he says. On this episode we talk about the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. We both had some pretty strong thoughts on the performances. We also talked about the albums that made us who we are today. Influential albums from Parliament, The Who, James Brown, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin and more were discussed. Learn more about him at www.planet12law.com. Additional tracks from his album "Tha Planet 12 Syndrome" are featured here. If you don't alreday own it, I encourage you to buy it now. It is in constant rotation on my play list. Please reach out to L*A*W and tell him how much you enjoy him on this show!

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