Episode 203 - Joe Nevarez

Joe Nevarez is a writer from California, and I am happy to tell you that this is his first interview...ever! You are going to be hearing a lot from him over the next few months (and years), so I am honored that he chose my show to start his dialogue with the world. He is putting the finishing touches on his first book called "The Prism". Joe describes it as "A novel about the endless possibility of choice". Although this is a work of fiction, elements draw from Joe's real life experiences. He has had quite a life so far, and has endured more than anyone I ever met. He has such a positive outlook on life and he shows just how important it is to make the right choices and do what you have to do for yourself and your family. His story is truly inspirational. He has a Kickstarter campaign happening right now. Learn more at www.kickstarter.com/projects/theprism/the-prism. Please help out if you can. Getting this book completed and out to the world means the world to Joe. If you reach out, please let him know that you heard him here first. Enjoy!


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