Episode 014 - Jordan White

I recently sat down with singer/songwriter Jordan White. We met up at my favorite restaurant, Bubba's Pot Belly Stove, in Quakertown PA. This is my first interview at a busy place around dinner time, so please pardon some of the background conversations. I personally feel like it adds to the ambience.  It is like you are out to dinner with Jordan and I. Jordan started out by making me jealous in his description of a day in his life (hint..it involves sleeping in). I found that Jordan and I have a lot in common. We traded stories about being inspired by our parents' record collections, and some of his earliest musical influences. He told me about some of his career highlights, as well as the time he spent on American Idol. It was great to hear some behind the scenes stories from that show. Please visit Jordan's website to learn more about him (www.jordanwhitemusic.com).  He gave me a cd of some of his music, and it is great!  He is a very talented musician, and I have a feeling he will be making music for many years to come.

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