Episode 044 - Jon Pedrosa  Zoey'z Fallacy

Jon Pedrosa is the singer, guitarist, and songwriter for the band "Zoey'z Fallacy" from South Africa. He is a professional musician, and he told me about the importance of having the support of his family early on in his career. He described South Africa as a very sports based culture, so it isn't always easy for a musician to make a living there. Jon and his band have great songs and a positive attitude which allows them to be quite successful. He knew early on that this is what he wanted to do, and music has been a major part of his life for many years. The band is working on their second album, and some singles should be available on iTunes by February of 2012. We also talked about his influences, the state of the music business, and the importance of the internet in attracting a worldwide audience. Zoey'z Fallacy may tour the US this year, and I am hoping that they do. You can learn more about them at
http://www.zoeyzfallacy.com/Index.aspx and http://www.reverbnation.com/zoeyzfallacy
. If you reach out to them, tell them that you heard about the band from Matt!  Enjoy!

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