Episode 098 - Stewart Kenny Part One

Stewart Kenny returns to the show for a special two part episode that is focused on his brand new album "Play". In this first part, I catch up with Stewart and he tells me about the journey he took to complete the album. Writing and recording the music is only a piece of the puzzle. There is a lot going on with the business side as well, and it takes almost as much time. He was very open and honest about the process, and I always appreciate that about him. This marks Stewart's third appearance on the show, and it is always a pleasure. Our conversation turned away from music for a bit so we could talk about what we love (and hate) about a few television shows. It is always cool when that happens. Stewart is such a funny guy, and we shared a lot of laughs! Two songs from Play are included with this episode. Stay tuned for Part Two. It will be a full track by track conversation about the album. Listen to his music at http://soundcloud.com/stewartkenny, and stay tuned for Part Two so you can learn more. Enjoy! 

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