Today's guest is known by many names...James Yancy Jones...Crawlin' James...Tail Dragger. To me he is a bluesman, shaman, and a living link to the legends of Chicago blues. I was honored to talk to him about his life, his career, and the new album that he and Bob Corritore just released. It is called "Longtime Friends in the Blues" and is out now on the Delta Groove Music label. He told me why Howlin' Wolf called him Tail Dragger, and how he first met Bob at a Howlin' Wolf tribute show at the 1815 Club in Chicago. It was 1976, and the day after the Wolf died. It was there that they became lifetime friends. Two songs from the new album are included with this episode. If you like what you hear, go out and buy the album and support these talented blues legends. I hope to have Tail Dragger on again real soon to hear more about his many adventures. Enjoy!

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