Damon Martin is a wonderful composer from Scotland. I was recently asked to write a magazine article on his "Cold Reading" album from his Traumatosis project. It is his musical rejection of psychics. I listened to the album several times before I spoke with him, and it is incredible! Experiencing an album like this reminds me of why I love music so much. It takes the listener on a journey through some very dark places. It is meant to be experienced as a complete piece, but Mr. Martin allowed me to include three songs with this episode to give you a taste. You can purchase the complete album at http://traumatosis.bandcamp.com/. I really enjoyed learning about his life, music, and inspirations. We covered a lot of ground during this interview, and I hope to have him on again very soon. Learn more about him at http://traumatosis.com/index.htm. I will let you know when my Skeptical Inquirer article is available. Enjoy the interview, and tell Mr. Martin that Matt sent you!

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