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Artist Connection Podcast

The Artist Connection Podcast has been offering long form audio interviews with artists from the past, present, and future since 2011. Hear what inspires them to get out of bed each morning and practice the craft that they love. My guests include people that I truly respect from many different backgrounds. Each episode provides a unique mix of music and conversation. Enjoy!

Oct 21, 2011

**I cleaned up the audio on this interview and posted it as Episode 274 ( Please check it out!**


I had the rare opportunity to sit down with Bernie Worrell for lunch and some great conversation. The place was very crowded, but the background noise does not take away from the fact that I was talking to a living legend. I had been looking forward to this interview for weeks, and Bernie was everything I expected him to be. This man has spent close to 65 years in the music business and is still going strong. We touched on many topics. He shared some of his earliest memories as a child prodigy, college, and eventually taking all he learned to create a musical language that is all his own. We talked about his groundbreaking work in Parliament/Funkadelic, Talking Heads, and his solo work. He was very gracious and humble, and has so many stories and experiences. Please visit Bernie at his website, and let me know what you think of the interview!

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