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Artist Connection Podcast

The Artist Connection Podcast has been offering long form audio interviews with artists from the past, present, and future since 2011. Hear what inspires them to get out of bed each morning and practice the craft that they love. My guests include people that I truly respect from many different backgrounds. Each episode provides a unique mix of music and conversation. Enjoy!

Jun 6, 2013

This episode marks the return of my good friend Ray Gurz! Long time listeners of this show first met Ray back in Episode 003. He provided me with some much needed inspiration and motivation in those early days. It was great to have him back to talk about all of the exciting things that he has been working on. His band, tile, is set to release their latest album on Limited Appeal Records ( The official date for "You Had a Friend in Pennsylvania" is 6/7/13. We also talked about the importance of music in our lives and our shared love of vinyl records. Double Decker in Allentown PA is our musical ground zero. Ray is also an expert in customer service and we discussed the importance of that in any business. Three tracks are featured with this episode. One is from an earlier tile release to get you ready for the new one, and two from Ray's other band "Bad American". The "Bruises" 7 inch is available at The rest of Ray's links are available at If you reach out to him, please let him know that you heard him here first. Enjoy!