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Artist Connection Podcast

The Artist Connection Podcast has been offering long form audio interviews with artists from the past, present, and future since 2011. Hear what inspires them to get out of bed each morning and practice the craft that they love. My guests include people that I truly respect from many different backgrounds. Each episode provides a unique mix of music and conversation. Enjoy!

Jan 27, 2014

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Richard Sirgiovanni. He is a lifelong resident of New York City and has many talents. He is a musician, cartoonist, and creator of The Grimps! We had a great conversation about The Beatles, the cartoons of our youth, and his time spent in the NYC music scene. He is in the process of pitching The Grimps to TV and online networks. We talked about his creative process and all of the work it takes to go from an idea to a finished cartoon series. The Grimps' story begins 500 years ago with a group of musicians that were cursed by a jealous wizard; forced to live life hairy, scary, and tiny. A friend of theirs was eventually able temporarily change them back to human form, but only from sunset to sunrise. An original song will be included with each episode of the show. As a special bonus, Mr. Sirgiovanni allowed me to include The Grimps theme song with this show. Learn more at Please look for him on Facebook and Twitter, and if you reach out, tell him you heard him here first. Enjoy!

We do not own any copyrights to the songs played on this episode. We have special permission by the artist himself to play his music on the show for promotional purposes for the artist.