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Artist Connection Podcast

The Artist Connection Podcast has been offering long form audio interviews with artists from the past, present, and future since 2011. Hear what inspires them to get out of bed each morning and practice the craft that they love. My guests include people that I truly respect from many different backgrounds. Each episode provides a unique mix of music and conversation. Enjoy!

Oct 30, 2015

Today's featured guest is music legend Bernie Worrell! The interview is not new, as I featured it in Episode 023. That was four years ago in October of 2011. My show was very new, and it was pretty basic. There was no music, no intros & outros, and no editing at all. The format was strictly the conversation that I recorded with my guest. I have been a fan of Bernie Worrell since I was young. The fact that he agreed to be on my show so early in its run blew me away. We spent an afternoon together at a very busy diner in New Jersey. Needless to say, there was a ton of background noise on that recording. I posted it as is, and have always regretted that. The recording that I shared that day did not match the magic that I felt while I was there with Bernie. I am here today to make it right. I cleaned up the original audio, boosted the levels, and added some classic songs to complement the interview. Think of this as an "Episode 023 Remix." I couldn't knock out all of the background noise, but I believe it is worlds apart from the original. Learn more about Bernie at, and look for his albums at Amazon. Please reach out and let me know what you think of the interview. Enjoy!

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