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Artist Connection Podcast

The Artist Connection Podcast has been offering long form audio interviews with artists from the past, present, and future since 2011. Hear what inspires them to get out of bed each morning and practice the craft that they love. My guests include people that I truly respect from many different backgrounds. Each episode provides a unique mix of music and conversation. Enjoy!

Mar 17, 2014

It is St. Patrick's Day 2014, and I have a very special episode to mark the occasion! My guest today is singer/songwriter Tommy Kenny! I called over to Ireland to speak with him, but it felt as though we were sitting across the table chatting. Long time listeners of this show have heard his name mentioned several times, and his music was featured on the Holiday Episode from 2013. I have been friends with Tommy since I first interviewed his son, Stewart Kenny, back in 2012. He has been a constant source of inspiration for me since that time. We talked through topics like family, music, and our mutual respect for each others work. Three of Tommy's original songs are featured with this episode. He also shared the inspirations behind the music. Tommy's music can be found on SoundCloud, YouTube, and Facebook. Please reach out to him and tell him what you think. Enjoy! 

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We do not own any copyrights to the songs played on this episode. We have special permission by the artist himself to play his music on the show for promotional purposes for the artist.