Episode 019 - Chad Matheny  Emperor X

I had an opportunity to talk with Chad Matheny as he was preparing to release his latest Emperor X album "Western Teleport". We talked about how happy he is to be working with Bar/None Records, and his preparation for his upcoming tour. Chad has spent a majority of his time as a working musician out on the road. He told me that this tour will take him within 50 miles of anyone that wants to see him, and I am no exception.  He will make a stop in my town at the end of October. We talked about his upbringing on the East Coast, and how he left his teaching job to pursue his life in music. Western Teleport is also being made available on vinyl. I told Chad how much I appreciate that. He is also planting Western Teleport Nodes in the cities that he will visit, and he gives his fans clues on where to find.  When they are found, they are registered online. This makes unreleased music available to everyone. This is just one example of how Chad makes the experience interactive for his fans. Please visit Chad at http://emperorx.tumblr.com/, and pick up a copy of Western Teleport.  Enjoy!

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