Episode 122 - Those American Girls

It is President's Day 2013 here in the US, and the Artist Connection Podcast is spending it with my newest friends Alicia American and Deb American...Those American Girls!!!!! They are called the "World's Most Badass Cartune Grl Rockr Band" and you are about to find out why. This interview was a lot of fun! The girls have a strong online presence and they interact with their fans on a daily basis. You can find them on Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, and all points in between. A good starting place is www.thoseamericangirls.com. They just released an album called "Those American Girls 1st". I encourage you to check it out! Three songs are featured with this episode. Once you hear them you will want the rest. Special thanks to Lucy deLeche, Annamarie MacLeod, and Peter Bernard for inspiration, scheduling assistance, and top notch production techniques. Please let them know that you heard them here first! Enjoy! 

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Ana Popovic has been making quite a name for herself in the international blues community, and rightly so. She has an impressive steady output of albums for over ten years now, and has been honing her craft on stages all over the world. She is an amazing guitar player and singer. I had the opportunity to speak with her on a recent tour stop in Detroit. We talked about her childhood in Belgrade and her father's influence on her musical journey. We also talked about her current tour and her additional plans for 2013. Two songs from her "Unconditional" album are included with this episode. I encourage you to buy the whole album! Ana puts her heart and soul into her records. You can learn more at www.anapopovic.com. If you reach out to her, please tell her that you heard her here first. Enjoy! 

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Adam WarRock is an extremely cool guy. He is a rapper and an expert on all things pop culture related. We talked about how he left his career as a lawyer to follow his passion. Since that time,  he has been building a huge fan base and has been receiving critical acclaim from many sources. He has created an impressive body of work that draws from many different sources like movies, comic books, TV shows and his own life and observations. I have a few physical copies of his albums, as well as many of the downloads that he has available in his archives. I am a huge fan of his work, and it was great to speak with him about his life and his music. Three tracks are featured in this episode. You can learn more at www.adamwarrock.com. If you reach out, please tell him that you heard him on my show. Also check him out on his current tour. Special thanks to Jason Reed for pointing me in Adam's direction! Enjoy!

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