Episode 109 - DeXperience

DeXperience returns to the show!!!! I first met with Qbah, A.O., and J-Mal back in Episode 009, and I couldn't wait to catch up with them. I have been following their careers since I first met them and stayed in touch. Having them back on was cool! We met up at a recording studio (Dancing Pepper Productions in Nazareth PA/Thank you Scott Tice!) and talked about where they have been over the past year, and where they are headed. Success has not changed them at all. They are the same positive group of guys that I met a year ago. They are loyal to their families, friends, and supporters. You can learn more about them at www.dexperiencemusic.com. Four of their tracks are featured here; two before the interview and two after. If you like what you hear, please go to Amazon and download some for yourself and support this talented band! Enjoy!

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Rok Out Radio Bonus - Dream Aria

This is a Bonus Episode for Rok Out Radio! It goes along with Episode 108 and contains 3 additional songs from the Prog Rock band Dream Aria:

  • 11th Hour from the 2005 album "In the Wake"
  • Flower Duet from the 2008 album "Transcend"
  • Tale of Two Wolves from the 2011 album "Fallen Angel"


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Episode 108 - Ann Burstyn

Ann Burstyn is the vocalist for the Canadian progressive rock band Dream Aria. We talked about her life and her music. We also talked about her influences and the other members of her band (Donald Stagg, Gary Flint, and Jon Casselman). Ann doesn't mind the "progressive rock" label, but told me that they blend in elements of rock, classical, world music, and goth in their music. They have three albums out now. Two songs from the "Transcend" album are included with this episode. After you listen, please check out the rest. You can learn more at www.dreamaria.com. The band has a very loyal following and are at the top of both the ReverbNation and MySpace charts. Listen here to find out why. Enjoy!

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My good friend Zak Smith returns to talk about our recent experiences with Hurricane Sandy, his new video for "Crawling" (check it out on my Home Page), and how quickly society can devolve without electricity. I always enjoy having Zak on the show. I had the chance to see him perform at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park this past summer. He is a talented musician and great guy!  Learn more about him at www.zaksmithband.com. "Crawling" is also included with this episode. I encourage you to buy the whole album. You will love it! Enjoy the interview!

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Episode 106 - VK Lynne

VK Lynne is involved in so many amazing projects. I couldn't wait to have her on the show and talk through them. She is a musician with a background in theater, co host of a successful podcast (The List Music Podcast), a founding member of Eve's Apple, and creator and writer of the cool web series "Trading on 15". We talked about all of this and more. This was my first show following the devastating Hurricane that hammered the east coast of the US. This interview was just what I needed. VK turned my mood around and things got better soon after. Two songs from her album "Whiskey or Water" are included with this episode. You can learn more about her at www.vklynne.com. I spent a lot of time on her website. It also includes links to all of the places that you can find her on the internet. If you reach out, tell her Matt sent you!  Enjoy!

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