Episode 050 - Vickie Natale

Vickie Natale is an amazing singer from Brooklyn, NY. Her passion and dedication to music is evident in her songs as well her conversation on the subject. She told me about her early days, the artists that influence her, and her love of travel. She is proud of her Brooklyn roots, but also loves seeing the world. Vickie won Star Search in 2003, and was on the show again in 2004 to compete in the Winner's Circle Competition. That same year she was invited to perform at Carnegie Hall.  She told me all about that incredible experience. Vickie shared some very personal aspects of her life with me during this interview. She also gave me permission to play two of her songs. I know that hearing them will make you want to hear more. You can find Vickie online at www.vickienatale.com, www.youtube.com/singingsiren2007, and
. Vickie was delightful to speak with. She has such positive energy. Enjoy the interview, and tell her that you heard about her here!

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Episode 049 - Daisy Windsor

Daisy Windsor is a very talented musician from the UK. She told me about how she formed Wytchazle with Robert Foster. I watched many of their videos online and they sound really good together. Daisy has a  beautiful voice which is complimented by Robert's playing. She sent me some of their music to play before and after the interview, so you will see what I mean. We also talked about life in her town, her influences, and her performance style. We also expolored the impacts of technology on how people get and enjoy music. You can learn more about Daisy at http://www.wytchazle.co.uk/index.html. Her website also has their music and videos. Enjoy the interview, then please buy her album. You'll be glad you did!

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Episode 048 - Chronolung

Chronolung is a power trio from Austin, Texas. I met with Collin Fish (Guitar, vocals, songwriter), his brother Kevin Fish (drums), and their close friend of many years Ian Grimes (bass). I first heard about them through their work with record producer Stuart Epps. I researched them online, and bought their Crank It EP on iTunes. They formed in 2010 and have an incredibly tight sound for such a young band. We talked about the Austin music scene, their influences, and some of the people that follow the band. It feels like these guys will be making great music for many years to come. The bond that they share is evident, and the pictures on their website show that they know how to have fun! Check them out at  http://chronolung.com/home.cfm. They allowed me to include two of their songs on the show so you get an idea of how they sound. Enjoy the interview, enjoy the songs, then go to iTunes and buy the EP! You'll love it!


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We do not own any copyrights to the songs played on this episode. We have special permission by the artists themselves to play their music on the show for promotional purposes for the artists.

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Episode 047 - Chris Watson

Chris Watson is an amazing musician from Denton, TX. I had the opportunity to speak with him as he was putting the finishing touches on his new album. Chris told me about how influential his father was in shaping his musical identity. We talked about the blues and some of his earliest experiences. Chris takes control of every aspect of his career and loves meeting people at his shows. He shared some insights on the local music scene and the contribution of musician from Texas on the national level. He shared some of his experiences with blues jams, and told me some funny audience stories from his shows. I am looking forward to his new album. Chris said he would come back on the show to talk about it when it is released. You can learn more about Chris at  http://chriswatsonband.com/fr_home.cfm. Enjoy the interview, and tell Chris that you heard about him right here!


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Episode 046 - Stuart Epps

Stuart Epps started his musical journey at a very young age. He worked at Dick James Music as an errand boy when he was 15 years old. He quickly moved up the ladder and has been involved with the music business ever since. He was the Chief Engineer at DJM Studios, and toured the United States with Elton John as his personal assistant. He produced albums from Led Zeppelin, Elton John, and Bad Company to name just a few. He's had so many incredible experiences through his life, and I was lucky enough to have him share some of his stories with me. He told me about the early days and the excitement that was in the air in London through the late 60's. One of the many things that impress me about Mr. Epps is that he always looking forward. He continues to work with up and coming artists, and is on the lookout for new talent. There are so many layers to this man's career. Learn more at http://www.stuartepps.co.uk/ and enjoy the interview. Stuart Epps is a living legend, and it was an honor to meet with him. Enjoy!

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Episode 045 - Todd Wolfe

Todd Wolfe is an incredible musician that has been in the business for many years. I was lucky enough to see him perform several times, and he always delivers. I had a phone interview with him in late December, and we covered quite a few topics. He told me about his early days in New York City, his influences, and his time working with Sheryl Crow. Todd also has a lot of experience hosting blues jams. I have been to some of these, and Todd works hard to get the best out of each performer, no matter what their skill level. He also shared some advice for jammers during our call, and talked about his past and future albums. Todd is hitting the road very soon, so catch him if you can! You can learn all about him at http://www.toddwolfe.com/index.php. Enjoy!

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Episode 044 - Jon Pedrosa  Zoey'z Fallacy

Jon Pedrosa is the singer, guitarist, and songwriter for the band "Zoey'z Fallacy" from South Africa. He is a professional musician, and he told me about the importance of having the support of his family early on in his career. He described South Africa as a very sports based culture, so it isn't always easy for a musician to make a living there. Jon and his band have great songs and a positive attitude which allows them to be quite successful. He knew early on that this is what he wanted to do, and music has been a major part of his life for many years. The band is working on their second album, and some singles should be available on iTunes by February of 2012. We also talked about his influences, the state of the music business, and the importance of the internet in attracting a worldwide audience. Zoey'z Fallacy may tour the US this year, and I am hoping that they do. You can learn more about them at
http://www.zoeyzfallacy.com/Index.aspx and http://www.reverbnation.com/zoeyzfallacy
. If you reach out to them, tell them that you heard about the band from Matt!  Enjoy!

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Episode 043 - Peter Schmidt

My first interview of 2012! I had the opportunity to meet with playwright Peter Schmidt at a local Barnes and Noble. His latest play, The Teddy Bear Awards, is opening this week with the Allentown Public Theatre. He told me about the plot, and we talked through several of the Lehigh Valley locales that inspired him. He also told me about the work of Broadway actor and fellow playwright Jeffrey Weiss. Peter was very easy to talk to, and he has so many cool stories about his many years as a writer, actor, and teacher. He has a business where he helps students prepare for their SATs, and also gives them great real world advice that can impact their future. He has a great sense of humor, and gave me a preview of some of the songs in the show. It was very cool. Enjoy the interview, and check out his work when you can!

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