Episode 143 - LAW

My good friend L*A*W returns to the show for his 3rd appearance!!! I am honored to have him back on. He is an amazing entertainer that does it all...sings, dances, raps, plays guitar...the list goes on and on. What I appreciate most, though, is his fearless approach to sharing his opinion. He has the skills and experience to back up what he says. On this episode we talk about the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. We both had some pretty strong thoughts on the performances. We also talked about the albums that made us who we are today. Influential albums from Parliament, The Who, James Brown, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin and more were discussed. Learn more about him at www.planet12law.com. Additional tracks from his album "Tha Planet 12 Syndrome" are featured here. If you don't alreday own it, I encourage you to buy it now. It is in constant rotation on my play list. Please reach out to L*A*W and tell him how much you enjoy him on this show!

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Episode 142 - Rebecca Perl

Rebecca Perl is a cool singer/songwriter from Long Island, New York. Her music allows her to connect with people from all over the world. We talked about her new album called "Rendezvous". Two tracks are featured with this episode. After you listen, be sure to pick up the whole thing. You are going to love it! We also talked about her life, her musical influences, and some of the legendary places that she has played in and around New York City. You can learn more about Rebecca at www.rebeccaperl.com. If you reach out, be sure to tell her that Matt sent you. Enjoy! 

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Episode 141 - Sena Ehrhardt

Sena Ehrhardt is an amazing blues singer from the Minneapolis area. Her new album is called "All In" and it is now available on Blind Pig Records. I first noticed it earlier this year front and center in the blues section of a local record store. After hearing it, I knew I had to feature her on the show. It is a great album from start to finish, and the musicianship is top notch! Her father, Ed Ehrhardt, plays guitar in her band. He has been a huge influence on Sena's love of the blues. We had a great conversation about her life, music, and recent shows with the legendary B.B King! Learn more at www.senaehrhardt.com. Two tracks from "All In" are featured with this episode. Please reach out to Sena and tell her Matt sent you! Enjoy!

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Episode 140 - Angels in Chaos

  I am pleased to introduce you to the UK group "Angels in Chaos" in their first ever US interview! I called over Manchester and spoke with Ellie-Kate, Ashleigh, and Yasmin. 2013 is shaping up to be an exciting year for the girls. They recently signed with Bravesoul Records UK and are hard at work on their debut single and album. We talked about their background, performing at festivals, and the balance between music and other aspects of their lives. They have a lot of cool videos on YouTube. You can tell that they really enjoy performing with each other. Three tracks are featured with this episode. You can learn more at http://angelsinchaos.wordpress.com/. Please reach out to them and let them know that you heard them here first. Enjoy! 

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Episode 139 - Ray Gurz

This episode marks the return of my good friend Ray Gurz! Long time listeners of this show first met Ray back in Episode 003. He provided me with some much needed inspiration and motivation in those early days. It was great to have him back to talk about all of the exciting things that he has been working on. His band, tile, is set to release their latest album on Limited Appeal Records (www.limitedappealrecords.com). The official date for "You Had a Friend in Pennsylvania" is 6/7/13. We also talked about the importance of music in our lives and our shared love of vinyl records. Double Decker in Allentown PA is our musical ground zero. Ray is also an expert in customer service and we discussed the importance of that in any business. Three tracks are featured with this episode. One is from an earlier tile release to get you ready for the new one, and two from Ray's other band "Bad American". The "Bruises" 7 inch is available at www.1124records.com. The rest of Ray's links are available at http://brokenamerican.blogspot.com/. If you reach out to him, please let him know that you heard him here first. Enjoy!

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