This is the first ever "Best Of" episode of the Artist Connection Podcast! I had Arrica Rose on the show back in Episode 018. It was always a favorite interview of mine, and I wanted to get it out there again in case you missed it the first time. Two songs are featured this time around as an added bonus. Arrica is a singer/songwiter, and we had a great conversation about her life, her music, her influences, and the music business. You can learn more about her at I spoke with Arrica recently, and she said that she has three songs recorded so far for her new album. I hope to have her on again very soon to catch up and hear all about it. Enjoy, and if you reach out to her please tell her that Matt sent you!

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Episode 104 - Smokin Joe Kubek

If you haven't heard of Smokin' Joe Kubek, you are in for a treat! He is a bluesman from Texas, and a fantastic conversationalist. We had a lot in common and swapped some great stories during this interview. We started by talking through his latest release "Close to the Bone". It is out now on the Delta Groove label. It is the unplugged release that he made with his long time musical partner Bnois King. This is an amazing album. I like how they have their guitars individually panned left and right. The liner notes explain who is doing what. I recommend playing it with a nice pair of headphones. The production here is top notch! They also have many guests on the album, a few of which appeared right here on the Artist Connection Podcast. We also talked about his life and musical influences...including a brief stint with the legendary Freddie King! Two songs from "Close to the Bone" are featured in this episode. Once you hear them you will want to buy the rest! You can learn more about Smokin' Joe at If you reach out to him, be sure to tell him that Matt sent you. Enjoy!

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Episode 103 - Jim Dailakis

Jim Dailakis wears many hats, and has built an impressive career over the years. He is an actor, writer, comedian, does voiceover work, and has appeared in commercials. We met through a mutual friend and past guest, Mr. Andrew Goffman. Jim is originally from Australia, but is currently based out of New York City. This interview was a lot of fun! He told me about his life, his various projects, and he shared some genuinely touching stories about the people that he has met along the way. This episode also includes a few minutes of his stand up show. You can learn more about him at His website lists his appearance schedule, and I encourage you to check out his show. He also has live cds and dvds available as well. Jim supports the Wounded Warriors charity. You can learn more about their work at If you reach out to Jim, please tell him that you heard him here first, Enjoy!

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Episode 102 - Valerie Deniz  The Mouth of Ghosts

Valerie Deniz plays synths and does the background vocals for the UK band The Mouth of Ghosts. I recently called her on a fine London afternoon to talk about her life, the band, and her musical journey so far. She is originally from Switzerland, but spends her time between Paris and London. The Mouth of Ghosts recently signed with my friends at Red Dragon Records. This is one of many great opportunities that Val has experienced since joining the band. Their latest single is called "When the Sun Sets" and is scheduled for worldwide release on 10/29/12. Listeners of this show can hear it here first! It is one of two songs featured on this episode. The other track is called "Patient". You can learn more about Val at She can also be found at If you reach out to her, please let her know that Matt sent you. Enjoy!


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We do not own any copyrights to the songs played on this episode. We have special permission by the artists themselves to play their music on the show for promotional purposes for the artists.

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