Episode 138 - Josey Milner

Josey Milner is a country artist from Kansas City, MO. It was great to meet with her and learn about her life and her music. She spent several years as a youth rodeo star before picking up a microphone. Her performances of the National Anthem convinced her to pursue a career as a singer. She received worldwide attention with her first single in 2012 and she has been busy ever since! Two of her songs are featured with this episode. The first is her latest single called "Not Pretty Enough". Stay tuned after the interview to hear her cover of Miranda Lambert's "Dead Flowers". In addition to all of the career highs and accomplishments that she is enjoying, Josey also earned recognition as a National Honor Society student! She is a true inspiration. You can learn more at www.joseymilner.com. Josey is definitely one to watch! If you reach out, tell her that you heard her here first! Enjoy! 

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Episode 137 - Those American Girls

It's Memorial Day Weekend 2013 here in the US. What better time to mark the return of Those American Girls to the show? We first met them back on Episode 122 and they are back to talk about their new album "Those American Girls First Oparetta Yo!". Alicia and Debbie American are always a lot of fun! You are going to love the new album. Two of the tracks are featured with this episode and include introductions by Alicia. You can learn more at www.thoseamericangirls.com. Their site includes cool pics, bio info, links to their podcast, and a store to buy their music. Special thanks to Annamarie, Lucy, and Peter for their creativity and production talents! If you reach out to the girls, please tell them that Matt sent you. Enjoy!

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Episode 136 - Greg Kihn

Greg Kihn is a musician, radio personality, and author. I have been a fan of his for many years, and it was a thrill to meet him and turn this into the Artist Kihn-nection Podcast. He has a lot of great stories and was very generous with his time. His latest book is called "Rubber Soul". It is a fictional account of the exploits of "Dust Bin Bob". The setting is split between Liverpool and Baltimore in the early 60's. Dust Bin Bob befriends the Beatles and many cool adventures follow. It is a fantastic story, and is available for presale now. The official release is September of 2013. Learn more at www.gregkihn.com. Mr. Kihn allowed me to include two songs with this episode. I have all of his albums and was tempted to go with some deep cuts. He said he would come back on the show, so I will save that for next time. I went with two of his biggest hits this time around..."The Breakup Song" and "Jeopardy". If you reach out, please tell him Matt sent you! Enjoy!

We do not own any copyrights to the songs played on this episode. We have special permission by the artist himself to play his music on the show for promotional purposes for the artist.

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Episode 135 - Tamara Bubble

Tamara Bubble is a fantastic singer from Brooklyn, NY. Her style is a blend of Jazz, Hip Hop, Soul, Pop and all points in between. She blends them all together effortlessly. Her new EP, "P.ublic S.ervice A.nnouncement", is out now. She held a mirror up to society and this is what she saw. Tamara is a firm believer in giving back, so the first six months of proceeds from this record are going to various charities. She wants the music and message to be heard, so all four songs are featured with this episode. After you listen please visit http://tamarabubble.bandcamp.com/ to buy your own copy. You get to give back, and get some great music. Learn more about Tamara at www.tamarabubble.com. You can also look for her on Twitter and Facebook. If you reach out, tell her Matt sent you. Enjoy! 

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Episode 134 - Andrew and Matt Como

I recently had the opportunity to meet Andrew and Matt Como from The Como Brothers Band. They just released their latest EP called "Still Waters". We talked about their approach to songwriting, shared influences, and their music. They come from a musical family and  learned to play various musical instruments from a very young age. 2012 was a busy year for them that began with the release of "The Speed of Sound" EP. They played at some amazing venues and had their music featured on various television shows. They are not slowing down in 2013. In addition to releasing their latest EP, they are putting the finishing touches on their first full album due later this year. Two songs are featured with this episode. You can learn more about them at www.comobrothersband.com. If you reach out, please let them know that you heard them here first. Enjoy!

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Episode 133 - Amy Rose

Amy Rose is an amazing country singer from Canada. She has been singing since she is five years old and her first album was released when she was 13. She told me about those early days, as well as her decision to take some time off to start a family. She is putting the finishing touches on "The Beginning", her brand new album that will be released later this year. We talked about recording in Nashville and her plans for the rest of 2013. We became fast friends during this inrterview and shared a lot of laughs. I love her attitude and enthusiasm. She allowed me to feature two tracks with this episode. The first is her Backstreet Boys cover of "I Just Want You to Know". The second is her new single "(Redneck Reunion) Party Like a Redneck". Learn more at www.amyrosemusic.com. Please reach out to Amy and tell her that you heard her here first. Enjoy!

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Episode 132 - Tom Ghent

I recently called down to Nashville to speak with singer/songwriter Tom Ghent. He has 50 years in the music biz, and I can not think of a better way to spend a Saturday morning. Consider this part one, because I will have him back on very soon. He has so many incredible stories and we barely scratched the surface. His songs have been covered by the likes of Kris Kristofferson, Rita Coolidge, Nat Stuckey, Nick Martin, and Maggie Young. He allowed me to include three tracks with this episode. You are going to love them. Look for Mr. Ghent on Facebook, and please tell him Matt sent you. Enjoy!

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