Holiday Thanks 2012

Just a quick episode to thank my family and friends for their support through 2012! The year went by so quickly. Thank you to all of my listeners from around the globe. My goal is to bring the world to your door with each episode. If you like what you hear, please tell a friend!  I have some cool guests on deck for 2013. It is going to be a big year, and you are all invited! Learn more about me at

As a holiday treat, I have also included the song "Santa, is that you outside my window?". It is by the Manchester, UK band The Narrows. They have been featured on Episodes 024 & 082 of my show. Enjoy! (All ACP Graphics by Missy K)


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Episode 115 - LadyLake Showcase with Cindy DAdamo

As 2012 winds down, I thought it would be the perfect time to feature artists on the LadyLake roster. As an added bonus, each track is introduced by Cindy D'Adamo! We start the show by talking about what inspires her, then go into a track by track description of the artists that she represents. Cindy, along with VP Jen Andujar,  have been good friends and supporters since the early days of this show. I am honored to share Cindy's story and hear her insights. The LadyLake motto is "Positive People, Positive Energy, Positive Results!". Learn more at If you do reach out to Cindy and Jen, please tell them that Matt sent you!

This episode includes the following songs:

Sam Batt - Make it Easy
Silas Siphan - Shooting Star
David Martinez - One More Time
American Beauties - Tell Me that You Love Me
Wytchazle - Catch the Moon

Juliette Gough Epps - Rays Around the Sun
Diane Cameron Elam - Eyes Gave it Away 
Juliette Gough Epps - Sweet Angel Blue

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I do. I encourage you to explore the other music that these artists have created. Enjoy!

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George Hrab is an incredible musician, composer, podcast host, bandleader, author, MC...the list goes on and on. He was one of my earliest guests on this show. We first met him back in Episode 006. I am honored that he joined me again to catch up. George and I live in the same town, and I have had the chance to see him perform many times through the years as a solo performer, with the Philadelphia Funk Authority (, and with the Geologic Orchestra. I am a huge fan of all of his work. He recently stopped by the Artist Connection Podcast Studios for a chat. We went through my record collection and he picked out a few influential albums to talk about. We also talked about his music and podcast ( Three songs are included with this episode. I encourage you to dig deeper into his catalog. George was very generous with his time. We spoke for over an hour before I hit "record", then another 90 minutes on the interview itself. The time literally flew by. Enjoy, and please reach out to George and tell him that you heard him here first!

If you are looking for an easy way to support this show that won't cost you anything extra, please click through this LINK to get to Amazon whenever you shop there. It goes a long way in keeping the lights on around here. Thank you in advance!

We do not own any copyrights to the songs played on this episode. We have special permission by the artists themselves to play their music on the show for promotional purposes for the artists.

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Episode 113 - In The Mix Part Three

Welcome to the third "all music" episode of the Artist Connection Podcast! You will have a chance to sample some great music from fantastic musicians that have been on the show, as well as people that are on my guest "wish list".  My musical taste covers a wide range of genres. My collection has a little bit of everything. The same is true for this episode. This kind of show takes me back to my days of creating mix tapes for my friends. I have always loved sharing music. This episode includes the following songs:

Stewart Kenny - Black Tie
Natalie Nicole Gilbert - Here Now &
The Last Flight Out - Devotion 
Tess - Magpie

Brooke Sharkey - Our Ways 
Dream Aria - Gypsy Heart 
Silas Siphan - Shine
Psych - Drama Queen
The Nice Sharp Pencils - We Never Go Cycling Anymore
Tali "Icepack" Jackson - Tribute to Mr. Jimi 
Jason Klahr - Cherry Blossom Rain 

I hope you enjoy the songs that I selected for this show, and I encourage you to explore the other music that these artists have created. Please reach out to me with your feedback. Feel free to sign the Guestbook at my website. Enjoy!

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Episode 112 - Tessa Lena

Tessa Lena's latest project is called "Tessa Makes Love". I recently called her in NYC to talk about her musical journey. She is originally from Moscow, spent time in Chicago, and now calls New York City home. She is classically trained on the piano and puts a lot of energy into her performances. She is currently working with one of her early influences, Ian Macdonald (King Crimson, Foreigner). David Cornejo rounds out the lineup. The music that the three of them create is amazing! Two songs are included with this episode. Learn more at You can also find her at This interview was a lot of fun!  Enjoy!

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Episode 111 - Frank Porter

Frank Porter is a cool singer/songwriter based out of Center Valley, PA. He recently joined me in the Artist Connection Podcast Studios for an evening of conversation about his life and music. He just released his first acoustic album called "Who I Am". He told me about the recording process that he followed, as well as his other projects. He has been in the music business for many years and has so many great stories. Two songs from "Who I Am" are included with this episode. After you hear them you will want to check out the whole album.  Please follow the Amazon links on my website to find it. Learn more about Frank at If you reach out to Frank, please tell him that you heard him here first. Enjoy!

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Episode 110 - David Martinez

Singer/songwriter David Martinez first appeared on my show back in Episode 077. He has been very busy since that time! He is about to release his new album "One More Time" in a few weeks (mid December 2012). We had a great conversation about his adventures in California, and his approach to recording. We also talked about the music business and his aspirations to someday play at the SXSW Festival. I have no doubt that his dream will come true! Two brand new songs are featured with this episode, and you are going to love them. Learn more about David at If you reach out to him, please tell him that Matt sent you!  Enjoy!

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Episode 109 - DeXperience

DeXperience returns to the show!!!! I first met with Qbah, A.O., and J-Mal back in Episode 009, and I couldn't wait to catch up with them. I have been following their careers since I first met them and stayed in touch. Having them back on was cool! We met up at a recording studio (Dancing Pepper Productions in Nazareth PA/Thank you Scott Tice!) and talked about where they have been over the past year, and where they are headed. Success has not changed them at all. They are the same positive group of guys that I met a year ago. They are loyal to their families, friends, and supporters. You can learn more about them at Four of their tracks are featured here; two before the interview and two after. If you like what you hear, please go to Amazon and download some for yourself and support this talented band! Enjoy!

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Rok Out Radio Bonus - Dream Aria

This is a Bonus Episode for Rok Out Radio! It goes along with Episode 108 and contains 3 additional songs from the Prog Rock band Dream Aria:

  • 11th Hour from the 2005 album "In the Wake"
  • Flower Duet from the 2008 album "Transcend"
  • Tale of Two Wolves from the 2011 album "Fallen Angel"


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Episode 108 - Ann Burstyn

Ann Burstyn is the vocalist for the Canadian progressive rock band Dream Aria. We talked about her life and her music. We also talked about her influences and the other members of her band (Donald Stagg, Gary Flint, and Jon Casselman). Ann doesn't mind the "progressive rock" label, but told me that they blend in elements of rock, classical, world music, and goth in their music. They have three albums out now. Two songs from the "Transcend" album are included with this episode. After you listen, please check out the rest. You can learn more at The band has a very loyal following and are at the top of both the ReverbNation and MySpace charts. Listen here to find out why. Enjoy!

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