Episode 096 - JK Woodward

I recently met J.K. Woodward at the Great Allentown Comic Con. I had the opportunity to watch him work over that weekend, and I knew that I had to have him on the show. He took time out of his busy schedule to meet with me, and it was an honor to interview him. We talked about his artwork, his influences, comic cons, and the road he took to become one of the best comic artists working in the business today. You can learn more about him at www.jkwoodward.com. As a bonus, I included the brand new single from the band Let's Go Safari! You may remember them from Episode 069. The track is called BYOB, and it is out now on Red Dragon Records! Enjoy!


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We do not own any copyrights to the songs played on this episode. We have special permission by the artists themselves to play their music on the show for promotional purposes for the artists.

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Episode 095 - LAK

LAK is an amazing hip-hop artist and a very busy man! He is the co-founder, CEO, recording artist and co-executive producer of Smart Music Entertainment. He has a top selling album out called "Lesson One: Hip-Hop & Education". LAK is known as the "hip-hop educator". The name fits. I have the album, and there is something for all ages. I had a great time speaking with LAK about a few of the songs on the album, as well as his life and inspirations. He allowed me to include two songs with this episode. I encourage you to check out the whole thing. It is cool and informative from start to finish! You can learn more at www.smarthiphopmusic.blogspot.com. I hope to have LAK on again very soon. It feels like this interview barely scratched the surface. Enjoy!

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Episode 094 - In the Mix Part Two

Welcome to the second "all music" episode of the Artist Connection Podcast! You will have a chance to sample some great music from fantastic musicians that have been on the show.  I will share my thoughts on the artist before I play the song to give you an idea of what the artist and music means to me. My musical taste covers a wide range of genres. My collection has a little bit of everything. The same is true for this episode. The thing that ties all of this together here is the incredible talent from each of the musicians. This episode includes the following songs:

David Martinez - I Wanna Know  www.davidmartinezmusic.com
Tavern Tan - Baby Bring a Gun & (Love) Can't Let Go  www.taverntan.com
Zak Smith - I Can Still Take a Punch  www.zaksmithband.com
Danielle Lubene - Sometimes & I Just Want To Have Something To Do  www.daniellelubene.com
Big Pete - I Got My Eyes On You www.big-pete.nl

I hope you enjoy the songs that I selected for this show, and I encourage you to explore the other music that these artists have created. Please reach out to me with your feedback. Feel free to sign the Guestbook at my website. Enjoy!

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