Episode 093 - Shain Honkonen  ViliFi

Shain Honkonen is the singer, guitarist, and songwriter for the band ViliFi. They are a power trio from central Florida. Tom from Red Dragon Records turned me on to them, and I am glad that he did! Shain and I had a great conversation about his life, influences, and his music. He told me about his work with Classic Albums Live, and what inspires him to be a full time musician. Three ViliFi tracks are included with this episode, and Shain shared the stories behind the songs. They are getting ready to hit the road. If they come to your town, please check them out. I am looking forward to their stop here in September. You can learn more at http://vilifi.net/. Enjoy!

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Episode 092 - Vickie Natale

The return of my good friend Vickie Natale! Vickie is a singer/songwriter that was first on the show back in Episode 050. It was great to speak with her again. She has a new single and video available now called "Long Gone". She allowed me to play it before her interview. I know that you will love it as much as I do! Vickie and I got caught up on all of the new things going on in our lives, and she shared some news about an exciting new project that she is working on. This was the first place she shared it, and I am honored! You can learn more about her at www.vickienatale.com. If you reach out to Vickie, please tell her that Matt sent you. Enjoy!

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Episode 091 - J Smith

J. Smith is a hip-hop artist from the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania. I recently gave him a call to talk about his life and music. He told me that he has been rapping his whole life, and he started his recording career at age 17. We also talked about his love of sports. He has a very positive attitude which comes through in his music. His first hit song was called "Smile Girl", and it has had over 26,000 hits on YouTube! That song is included here, along with two others that really showcase his talent. Mr. Smith is very dedicated to his family, friends, and fans. You can find all of his videos at this link http://www.youtube.com/user/jsmithvision?feature=results_main. If you see J. Smith, tell him Matt sent you! Enjoy!

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Episode 090 - Beyond Eden

Beyond Eden is a rock band that is creating quite a stir in the local music scene. I had the opportunity to speak with Jenn (vocals) and Mark (drums). They currently have a Kickstarter campaign going to raise money for the production and recording of their new album. They are very dedicated to their fans, and are offering some cool one of a kind items at any pledge level. You can learn more about them and the campaign at www.beyondedenrocks.com. I  learned about their influences and their musical past. They also gave me an open and honest look at how difficult it can be to make it in the music business. You can tell they are both very passionate about the subject, and they didn't pull any punches. The good news is, despite all of these obstacles, they are committed to make it. I appreciate their drive and ambition. They allowed me to include two songs with this episode. If you see them, tell em Matt sent you!  Enjoy!

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Episode 089 - RJ Mischo

R.J. Mischo is a fantastic blues musician. He is a harmonica player and vocalist, and has many albums to his credit. His latest is called "Make It Good", and was released by Delta Groove. It is a collection of 13 songs that highlight his incredible range. I had the opportunity to interview him about his life and his music. He told me about seeing Muddy Waters perform, and how that was his musical turning point. R.J. has worked with some incredible musicians through the years. I highly encourage you to seek out some his performance videos online, and go to one of his shows if he plays in your area. He allowed me to include two songs from "Make It Good"  with this episode. Once you hear them, you will want the rest! It is a solid album from start to finish. Learn more at www.rjblues.com. If you reach out to R.J., please tell him Matt sent you!  Enjoy!

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Episode 088 - Andrew Goffman

Andrew Goffman is the creator and star of the hit one man show "The Accidental Pervert". I had a great conversation with Andrew. I learned that we are the same age, and grew up 45 minutes away from each other. We had an instant connection! His show centers on finding his father's collection of X-rated videos at a young age, and the impacts that it had on his future relationships. He told me how the show came together, and how it has expanded since the early days. Andrew is very open and honest, and we covered some interesting topics during this interview. Please visit Andrew at http://www.theaccidentalpervert.com/ to learn more about him and buy tickets to the show. It is at the 13th Street Repertory Company in New York City. I will be attending in the very near future! Please reach out to Andrew and tell him atht you heard him here first!  Enjoy!!

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