Episode 041 - Pieter "Big Pete" van der Pluijm

Big Pete is a blues singer/harp master from the Netherlands. He recently called me up and we had a great conversation about his new album "Choice Cuts". It is his debut album here in the US. I have it, and I told Big Pete how much I like it. He had the opportunity to work with several of his influences while recording the album. It has a real live and genuine feel to it, and you can tell that they had a fun time making it. We also talked about how we were both influences by our parents' record collection and our mutual love of the blues. Big Pete originally started out on guitar but moved to the harmonica. I am glad that he did! He has a great sound! Check him out at http://www.deltagrooveproductions.com/music/artists/big_pete/main.html. I hope you enjoy the interview. Pick up "Choice Cuts" today, and enjoy!

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